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We take-in all strays from Somerset County
There is no "time limit" on an animal's stay

We are frequently asked how long we keep animals at our shelter, if we are a "no-kill" shelter, and what will happen to an animal that is brought to the Humane Society.

We are animal lovers. We hate the idea of putting an animal down -- for any reason. However, unlike other shelters, we take-in all strays from Somerset County -- Owned animals are accepted via a waiting list as soon as room is available. There are times when an animal is simply so vicious that we can not responsibly adopt the pet to a family. We have, at other times, been told by our veterinarian, that it is not humane to extend the life of a very sick animal.

We make every effort to find homes for every animal in our care. Sometimes, this can take months. There is no "time limit" on an animal's stay. When our shelter is over-crowded, we rely on a network of "foster families" to take care of our pets. All the while, we have increased our efforts to "get the word out" about our pets (e.g. this website, pictures, newspaper publicity, etc.) Our efforts pay off.

The Staff and Board of Directors at the Humane Society love pets, and our actions bear out that simple fact. Our animal guests get the very best care while they are with us.
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