Meet Oscar, our dog of the week
Well, it is true, policeman really are your friend! I know because when I was lost and wandering homeless a nice policeman gave me a ride to the shelter. I was so happy that the first thing the staff did was treat my sore ear, what a relief. The one thing I didn't appreciate was being called "well fed." I know what that means, they they think I am chubby. I am happy to say they still feed me well and give treats. I was thinking, I could probably get fit if I was your walking buddy, yeah, that's a good idea even if I say so myself. I am very friendly and can get along with other dogs. My kennel is often clean so it seems I know something about house training. I am estimated to be eight years old. Since I am a senior, you can adopt me at a reduced rate. I hope you will consider adding a Beagle to your family, as long as I am that Beagle.

Receive a special discount on Oscar's adoption fee if you adopt him by Saturday, July 21, 2018!















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Saturday, July 14, 2018

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