Meet Midnight, our dog of the week
I came to the shelter as part of a Humane Case, there were fourteen of us who arrived at the shelter, it was quite a change for all of us. It was sort of scary but exciting to get my own bed, blankets, toys and treats. The best thing that happened was I got rid of what I call the "itchies. I had fleas and they just kept biting and biting me making me so itchy. The Vet said I am allergic to fleas so I scratched and scratched and scratched. I am telling you this because I lost some of my hair and I don't want you to think I am not pretty when you see me. My hair is growing back now. I want a family that will give me a pill for flea prevention every month because the "itchies" are just the worst. I am learning how to make friends but am a little shy. I recently went to a big event and visited with many people and thought that was fun. I am two years old and will need you to help me learn all the rules of living with a family because I never experienced that. I am a Lab mix but am not a real big girl so I think I could fit in well in most households. I am anxious to start my new life and can't wait to meet my family.

Receive a special discount on Midnight's adoption fee if you adopt her by Saturday, September 23, 2017!















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