Meet Shorty, our dog of the week
I know I look different but different does not mean bad. I choose to say I have a unique look. I do get my feelings hurt because sometimes when people see me they laugh. I do have little short legs like a Basset Hound but my head is...well it is not little. I was wandering about a neighborhood seeking some help and finally some nice people took me in for the night. I was glad because I was tired and this happened when it was still cold outside at night. They kindly brought me to the shelter and assured me somebody would give me a forever home. I sure hope they are right because when people laugh at me I just wonder if it will happen for me. I am very friendly and promise if you give me a chance I will be a loyal buddy. Just remember, looks are not everything, it's what is in the heart that counts.

Receive a special discount on Shorty's adoption fee if you adopt him by Saturday, May 26, 2018!















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