Meet Elvis, our dog of the week
About a month ago my life changed. I was wandering about not sure where to go or where I belonged. I figured I belonged to someone because I had a long piece of rope tied to my collar that I was dragging; someone tied that to my collar. Well since I didn't quite know what to do I just kept walking. As I was passing through the back yard of a good person they came outside and helped me. They got rid of that old long rope and gave me a ride to the shelter. I may be about five years old and a friendly fellow. I enjoy the company of people and like to go for walks. I am anxious to be in a home with a family and hope someone will meet me and think I am the one for them. My adoption fee has been paid so there is no reason for you to not stop by and say hello.

Receive a special discount on Elvis' adoption fee if you adopt him by Saturday, December 22, 2018!















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