Meet Wrangler, our dog of the week
It was my lucky day when the Humane Officer spotted me hanging out in an alley. I was trying to figure out what to do, I was homeless and cold. I could hardly walk and was hobbling along the best I could, my feet hurt. When the Officer called me to come, I made a decision, sore feet or no sore feet I was not going to turn down that invitation and as much as it hurt I hobbled over and got in the vehicle because I felt like I could get some help. It turns out I had snow packed in my toes that is why I couldn't get around. I am loving the nice bed, sweater, toys and good food I have here at the shelter but all those things don't make up for the love of a family. I want a family and I am a friendly dog so I am open to meeting with anyone that thinks I could become a part of their family. I am a Rottweiler Basset Hound mix around three years old. Won't you take a chance on me, I will do my best to fit in, learn the rules of your house and for sure I will give you plenty of love.

Receive a special discount on Wrangler's adoption fee if you adopt him by Saturday, January 20, 2018!















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