Meet Mozart, our dog of the week
Here I sit waiting for a family and am hoping that happens soon. I was brought to the shelter by the Dog Warden because I was homeless. I am about five years old and look like a Lab mix I would do best with an active person or family because I do like to play and get exercise. I do get along with other dogs, however it would be best if you bring your kids and pets to the shelter so we can meet one another and see what we think. I have been waiting for two and a half months and wonder why I keep getting passed by. I sure hope it is not what they call the BDS! That stands for Black Dog Syndrome and because of this black dogs do not get adopted as quickly as other dogs. Let me tell you, we black dogs are just as nice as all the others so please don't pass me by.

Receive a special discount on Mozart's adoption fee if you adopt him by Saturday, March 23, 2019!















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