Meet Kit Kat, our cat of the week
I had a rough start because my mama abandoned me shortly after I was born. I was so lucky and grateful when a kind lady found me and took me in. She bottle fed me and saved me. She took care of my litter mates too and because there were so many of us she could not keep us. So I am now six month old and have been waiting here at the shelter for four months for a home. I am sure you know but I feel I have to mention that animals with black fur are very often the last to get adopted and that fact scares me because there are a lot of cats here that are not black. Does that mean they will all get to "go home" before me? I don't want to throw a tantrum but that just isn't fair. I am a good girl and I want a family. My mama didn't want me and now I am afraid none of you will want me. I am litter trained and my adoption fee has been paid, please give me a chance at having a happy home....PLEASE!

Receive a special discount on Kit Kat's adoption fee if you adopt her by Saturday, December 22, 2018!










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