Meet Babette, our cat of the week
Like so many others I was homeless and it can be a harsh life when you have no home. I am smart though and found a nice lady who allowed me to hang around her porch. Well, one day I just decided I would take things into my own hands, or should I say paws, and I just left myself into her house when she came to the door. She had what she called a discussion with me. She said she was unable to keep me but would kindly care for me until I could get into the shelter and she kept that promise. I am two years old and I have been at the shelter for about a month and a half; thought I would have been adopted by now. Yes I am black, no that does not mean I am bad luck so PLEASE, just stop by and take me home.

Receive a special discount on Babette's adoption fee if you adopt her by Saturday, March 24, 2018!










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