Meet Lancelot, our cat of the week
I was hurt and scared and hiding. Some people were on big machines riding real fast very close to where I was hiding. I heard one of them call the machines, four wheelers. The young girl in the family spotted me and stopped her big machine, she was very gentle and kind and saw I had a hurt leg and tail. These nice people brought me here to the shelter. I started to feel better almost right away, they took care of my sore leg and tail and found out I am a really nice guy. I do love to be with people and am affectionate. It has been about five weeks that I have been here and feel ready to find a family of my own. I know how to use the litter box and have good manners. I wish the people with the big machines could have kept me but since they couldn't would you adopt me? I am about three years old.

Receive a special discount on Lancelot's adoption fee if you adopt him by Saturday, August 18, 2018!










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